The Impossible Voyage (1904)

Looks like a painting doesn't it? Notice the colored by hand film!


A man convinces a group of people to go on his scenic tour.


This movie was pretty awesome. Remember A Trip to the Moon? This movie pretty much echoes the same amount of awesomeness. As a matter of fact, this could almost be a sequel with such similar storylines. From what I could find on IMDB they both had the same director, Georges Méliès. Almost seemed like a rehash but I still enjoyed this one. I didn’t mention this is my other review but I really loved the backdrops used in A Trip to the Moon. Having said that this one has at least twice as many great backdrops. I especially noticed the amount of detail and contrast during the train station scene. I’m sure for the type of film they were using it helped having a very high contrast to make objects discernable.

See the column of smoke on the right? That's the train cruisin' for a brui... er burning

Also it seems this entire film was colored(I’m assuming by hand frame-by-frame).  That alone increases its awesome level by 200%. Oh but that’s not all, remember the awesome bullet in the moon’s eye? Forget that, this time the SUN swallows a train! I’ll try to not give too much away but holy cow I love this flick. Oh and by the way most of these youtube videos have music overlays. I try to mute them since I wan’t to watch true “silent” films. Almost seems cheap to me to slap on a soundtrack when its not part of the original experience.


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