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A Trip to the Moon (1902)


From what I can tell: A wizard convinces his colleagues to make a trip to the moon where they run into monsters, forcing them to flee back to earth.


I hope they have earplugs for the massive amounts of gunpowder they will need to get that far.

Best movie ever, who cares if there’s no sound! In what other movie can you see the moon take a bullet right in the eye? Seriously though this movie is awesome.

The plot does start off kind of slow. In the beginning the wizard (I only say this because they all wear pointy hats in the beginning) is convincing his colleague to build a rocket (technically a bullet?) to go to the moon. They eventually agree after a heated argument (hands flailing in air) and begin construction of their rocket/bullet which is most of the movie. After the rocket/bullet is complete a handful of old men climb inside.

No wonder we never see the Moon's face anymore. Taking a bullet to the eye would make me more cautious too.

This is where the action starts. The moon takes the rocket/bullet right in the eye. The old guys climb out and and decide to sleep right where they landed which turns out to be a bad idea because it starts to snow(?). They all wake up and wander into a cave full of some mysterious mushrooms. After trying to climb to the exit the wizard (protagonist) plants his umbrella in the ground which suddenly turns into a growing mushroom after which an acrobatic moon person comes and attacks them. After some silly yet entertaining feats of flexibility by the moon person the protagonist bashes him into a puff of smoke with another umbrella. That summons even more moon people which the protagonist of course beats with his umbrella too but after becoming captured they are taken to the king of moon people. The wizard just flips out and treats the king like a ragdoll turning him into a puff of smoke also. In the confusion they run back to their bullet rocket. From there they fall back to Earth safely and the movie ends.

Very very entertaining/action packed.