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The Black Imp (1905)


A man rents a room and is pestered to insanity by an imp.

That's right, chairs coming out the wazoo.


This one reminded me alot of The House of the Devil (1986). Silly and very entertaining. Gotta love the disappearing and reappearing furniture. If I was some sort of spooky spectre, these are exactly the kind of prank I would play.

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The Impossible Voyage (1904)

Looks like a painting doesn't it? Notice the colored by hand film!


A man convinces a group of people to go on his scenic tour.


This movie was pretty awesome. Remember A Trip to the Moon? This movie pretty much echoes the same amount of awesomeness. As a matter of fact, this could almost be a sequel with such similar storylines. From what I could find on IMDB they both had the same director, Georges Méliès. Almost seemed like a rehash but I still enjoyed this one. I didn’t mention this is my other review but I really loved the backdrops used in A Trip to the Moon. Having said that this one has at least twice as many great backdrops. I especially noticed the amount of detail and contrast during the train station scene. I’m sure for the type of film they were using it helped having a very high contrast to make objects discernable.

See the column of smoke on the right? That's the train cruisin' for a brui... er burning

Also it seems this entire film was colored(I’m assuming by hand frame-by-frame).  That alone increases its awesome level by 200%. Oh but that’s not all, remember the awesome bullet in the moon’s eye? Forget that, this time the SUN swallows a train! I’ll try to not give too much away but holy cow I love this flick. Oh and by the way most of these youtube videos have music overlays. I try to mute them since I wan’t to watch true “silent” films. Almost seems cheap to me to slap on a soundtrack when its not part of the original experience.

Alice in Wonderland (1903)


A girl falls asleep and has one crazy dream.


Anyone else find it funny that alice is give a 'hand' to a deck of cards.

Major props to the restoration crew that worked on this film. Can still see damage but being someone familiar with photo restoration I can only imagine how painstaking it would have been to fix a film frame-by-frame. After seeing A Trip to the Moon (1902). I was a bit dissapointed in watching this one. I blame the fact that I saw the Walt Disney version first (past movie experiences always influence my like-ability).

Interesting visual affect happening here though (superimposing a cat on a bush). It may not seem like much today but I really wonder how they would have accomplished something like that back in the day. Take a watch yourself I’ve embeded the youtube video below:

Salutations from the past!

First post! Very few will probably see this until later on in this blogs life. As such this will be my ‘time capsule post’ if you will.

As of now my plans for this blog are to watch every movie recorded(Insert laugh about nativity here) and write reviews. No no, not youtube/vimeo videos I mean ‘movies.’ Directors, actors, sets, you know… Movies! Of course I will have to exclude movies of more ‘exotic’ tastes but I believe you get the general idea.

I also plan to, at some point, start doing video game reviews. I imagine that will be more time consuming but its something I’ve always wanted to do.

Just as a heads up for what you’re getting into. I’m not your typical movie goer. (As of this point in time) I’m a 23 year old that very rarely watches television let alone movies. Sure I’ll watch the occasional kids movie with my family but for the most part, I haven’t seen too many flicks(Example: I’ve never seen the oh so infamous original Star Wars movies). I don’t know what it is but I find it very hard to let a movie entertain me for over an hour. Why the blog making me do something I don’t like to normally do? Because I can! No but really, let’s just say that the enthusiasm of a certain critic has intrigued my interest of older movies.

So lets get started! I’ll begin watching ye olde movies starting back as far as I can go and work my way up from there.

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